Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your business

Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your business

E-Commerce-KeyboardWhen it comes to ecommerce platforms, you can be inundated with choices pretty easily. Let’s look at some platforms you must consider. We will talk about the reasons for choosing each one too. Before you start your search for the platform, you kind of need to have a clear idea of some parts of how you intend to use the site. If you allow the platform or a single designer to determine the platform for you then you might not get exactly what you need.

Firstly, you need to consider WIX. This is a free builder platform. The cost is the most advantageous. It’s a basic 10 pounds a month essentially. The ease of use is another factor because you don’t need too much technical knowledge. WordPress or a Joomla can be a hassle to use. If you want text and animations and stuff in your site then WIX is very good because it’s made from the HTML5, AJAX tech.

Magento is another that’s really well known. SEO friendliness is key to this platform. A very large community of users use this software. As a result support can be very good. You can scale very easily using this platforms. Plugins also enable you to add functionality to this already awesome CMS platform. If your store expands from 1 sale a day to 1 million sales a day, magento can still handle it. You can make a beautiful and fast e-commerce stores with Magento. It’s much more complex to learn, which is the downside. If you are a very small business then you might not be able to handle the cost.

WordPress is another great one. Whilst it is the go to choice for bloggers, its popularity for businesses is now steadily growing. Affordability, SEO and ease of use are its major advantages. More developers are making word press templates for businesses. The woo-commerce plugins and different visual composers enable you to simply create a stunning design without knowing much coding. This is a very important thing for small businesses. A disadvantage is also to do with the unfamiliarity of PHP for a lot of users. When you are trying to perfect an image it can go wrong quite often.

Joomla! Is another great platform for any tiny business. Joomla! Is purely PHP based. Hence if you figure out how to handle PHP all elements will come together nicely without much hassle.  The URLS will end up looking very straightforward. Instead of having complex URLs you can have easy to remember extensions which actually help people locate pages way easier than other platforms. The disadvantage would probably be that SEO optimization can be tough.

From whatever we have seen so far, everything is a trade-off that’s why it’s more important than ever to know exactly what you want. If you are a small player, SEO can be your angle to compete with big guns in your industry at times. In this case you can sacrifice some aesthetics initially for user friendliness and optimization purposes.