Why every small business should consider an ecommerce website

Why every small business should consider an ecommerce website

e-commerce-402822_640The ecommerce industry is quite massive. Cloud based solutions are even adding to this trend. The offers of convenience and speed, people are more willing to buy online, rather than visiting a store. How does this affect small business who don’t typically have a target audience that tends to buy online? Well there are many reasons involved here so let’s take a look at a few.

Even if you don’t expect much conversion online. You can still have a basic setup that offers supplementary information about your product. Your potential customers can discover more about the services you offer. Small businesses typically have a very low budget. That should not be a hurdle considering how cheap basic WordPress templates have become. You can set up a bridge between your potential consumers and some who expect to see information online for credibility’s sake too.

An e-commerce website will allow a small business to take on any giant company in the sector. As many as 81% of folks have also said they will look at options online before making an instore purchase (Source). If you are a small business, this is a sizeable audience you are missing out on, if you don’t even consider an ecommerce option.

The process of monitoring and maintaining sales is much easier than business owners think it is. You can monitor everything from the order to the actual delivery with relative ease. The online shopping industry is indeed massive and the professionals who design and develop these platforms are growing by the thousands every day.

Many small businesses have experienced the benefits. Some even sell through Facebook. People can even message you and have a chat about specifications. These apply to industrial grade products too. With cloud based platforms you can really get the same website a mid-sized company would have for very cheap prices.

A major benefit for small businesses is that you are never restricted to local areas. You might have a shop setup or a service in a particular location, but there could be huge opportunities in the next suburbs. A physical shop alone can never reach them but with an ecommerce store you most definitely can. The orders themselves will pay for any extra service costs and your business has the potential to experience, unprecedented amount of sales.

Another option would be take advantage of existing e-commerce platforms too like an amazon or an e-bay. Once they see your product on there, it adds a bit of credibility too. You will have a chance at a lot more impressions and views. You can then promote using other online tools and your company’s social media pages. Even if you have a boutique brand, having a lot of loyal followers is amazing. However if you have a platform where all these followers can stay updated about you and sometimes make a purchase without having to take too much effort, their favourableness towards the brand will increase quite substantially. Even if you are a small business, do not mis out on this massive market.